School Council Minutes


School Council Minutes

Classes Present: 2M, 2G,3C,3L,4K,4H,5R,5G,6H,6D

Date: Monday 20th April 2015

  1. Pedestrian Crossing update.

Councillor Burrows is visiting our school on Tuesday 28th April 2015. The school council will lobby him and present a school assembly to persuade him to provide us with a zebra crossing. I wish all of the School Council to be involved and rehearsals will be tomorrow morning in the hall.

  1. RSPCA Toy sale. I have received a lot of toys so far , please keep reminding your class to keep bringing in the toy so we have as much as possible for our toy sale on Friday 22nd
  1. RSPCA raffle. Daniella from 5R has kindly donated a large cuddly snowman! She will be coming around selling raffle tickets next week so that you may win the snowman.
  1. Please remind children to bring in one pound in return for Mrs Hampshire’s email address. If you bring one pound to give to her which she will give to the RSPCA, you may have her email address, you can then send a photo of you and your p[et to her . This photo will be displayed on Friday 22nd May
  1. Thank you to Neha, Harry, Aoife and Navlan for doing a special presentation to the School Governors Curriculum Working Party on Thursday 23rd The Governors were very pleased to ask you questions about your role and you answered them politely and intelligently. Thank you.
  1. Questions from the children:

5R: It is really hard to get into school sometimes because the parent s blocking the way in to school by standing and talking or with their buggies.

A: I have noticed this too. It is difficult because they want to say good bye to their children and talk to other parents, but there doesn’t seem too much room on some days. I will ask Mr Alford to write something on the newsletter asking parents to try and keep a central pathway open so that children can get into school.


Some children are being silly in the toilets and making a mess. How can we stop this from happening?

A: I know! I am very annoyed as we have a lovely brand new school and some children are spoiling it for others already! I will ask the mealtime supervisors to patrol the toilets with greater regularity.


Please may we have more water fountains around the school?

A: I will ask Mr Budden how many we have now and judge with him whether we need more or whether the ones we currently have are working properly.


When can we eat our lunch on the field?

A: We already have eaten our lunch on the field one day as the hall was being used to set up something. There will be odd days when children will be asked to have lunch on the field, but litter tends to be left behind and this is not acceptable. Please have a word with your children to make sure that they clear up after themselves otherwise we will not be able to eat on the field.


Q: When will we be able to have a reading garden and adventure garden?

A: I have been a little impatient while waiting for our gardens too! I have been waiting for the staff car park to be finished before I can talk to Mr Alford about garden designs. We should have the staff car park this week so I will talk to him this week about possible areas for our gardens and how they will be made. As we held our design competition so long ago now – it may make sense that we have another one , but I will get back to you next time with an update.




Things to do by Friday 8th May

Please research any information about the RSPCA and give it into Mrs Marks by Friday 8th May. House points will be awarded if it used in our special assembly.

Thank you

Mrs Marks


Date of our next meeting: 2pm Thursday 14th May – rehearsal for our RSPCA assembly.






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