School Council Minutes

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School Council Minutes

Classes Present: 2M, 2G,3C,3L,4K,4H,5R,5G,6H,6D

Date: Monday 9th March 2015


  1. School Council Reps need to read School council minutes to your class.
  2. The minutes need to be displayed clearly in your class.


1 RSPCA Feedback:

Mrs Marks had a meeting with Mr Alford regarding the School Council’s ideas for the RSPCA. He agreed that the cuddly toy stall was an excellent idea, he also like the cuddly toy raffle- if we are able to have a large cuddle toy donated!  He was also impressed that the School Council would like to lead a whole school assembly to tell everyone about the RSPCA and what they do.

Mrs Marks has already contacted the RSPCA to see if they wish to help us lead the assembly. Mr Alford proposes the date of Friday 22nd May as our RSPCA day.

We do need to hold the assembly before that day so that children know why they are raising money. Mrs Marks will tell the teachers about the RSPCA website

and ask them to do a lesson on the RSPCA day about animal welfare. Mr Alford had a brilliant idea about how we could also raise money: if children and teachers with pets send a photo of themselves with their pet after paying one pound, their photo could be displayed, as part of a rolling photo montage on the Television screens in the school, throughout the day on RSPCA day. If children do not have a pet, they can make a model of their ideal pet, paint a picture of their ideal pet and take their photo with it instead.

Mrs Marks and theY6 School Council Members will make a timeline to clarify when events are going to happen.

  1. Thank you to all classes for writing the letters to the LA. Y6 School Council will send these letters off to the LA with a covering letter and we will wait to hear from them with good news about our zebra crossing!


  1. Health and Safety

Please may you remind all children that they may only play with small toys or sponge balls at play times. They are brought in at their own risk and they must look after them. They cannot expect teachers to so spend hours looking for lost toys from home. If you play with tennis balls or hard balls you can break windows, so we will take them away from you. If the balls go over the fences you cannot try to get them.


  1. Questions from the children:


Q: When will the KS2 children be able to have school dinners?

A: We have been looking at lots of different ways that parents can pay for the lunches, as it needs to be a cashless system. We have just decided upon one this week. We will be discussing this at our next Governors’ Meeting and when we have finalised the decision, we will let parents and children know as soon as we can. We will trial one year group at a time and then hopefully all children will soon be able to have hot school meals.


Q: Can we wear ties?

A: Ah. I understand why the children in your class have asked this question because they can look very smart, but, if they are not done up properly, they can look really untidy. We are a Primary School remember, so this includes 4 and 5 year olds,  it is a big ask to expect them to tie their ties correctly. There is also the problem of losing uniform, Lost Property is currently filled with lost sweatshirts, shoes, lunch boxes etc, do we want to add to the list with unnamed ties? Also, ties and polo shirts don’t look very smart, so we would have to change the polo shirt to a normal cotton shirt, which may pose problems. Good question though and we may think about it in the future.


There were, unusually, no more questions.

Things to do for our next meeting on Monday 20th April

  1. Hold a class poster competition to design a poster to publicise RSPCA day on Friday 22nd May in your class. Please bring your class’ winning design to the meeting on Monday 20th Prizes will be given on and they will be displayed around the school.


  1. Ask you class mates to start bringing clean, soft, cuddly toys to school if they are no longer wanted at home. School Council children will collate the toys in your classrooms and then bring them to Mrs Marks’ Room when you have a few.
  2. Ask you class mates if they have an extra large cuddly toy that they no longer need for our raffle.

Thank you

Mrs Marks


Date of our next meeting: 12pm Monday 20th April 2015  in spare Y6 classroom





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