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Hi Everyone,
Please look at the school website to see our latest School Council minutes.You will be pleased to know that you chose : RSPCA, Cancer Research and the Dog’s Trust as our school charities this year.

Your Class Council representatives will be asking you for fund raising ideas for the RSPCA at your next class council meeting, why not give me some ideas now? What could we do to raise money for the animals and why do you think it is important?

We also want each class to set up a ” worry” box and a “kind” box so that you can tell the teacher if you are worried about anything and also if someone has been particularly kind to you. Do you think this is a good idea?
Thank you for taking the time to contribute.
Mrs Marks

10 thoughts on “School Council News.

  1. Mrs Heggie

    I really like the idea of a kind box. There is a similar thing in the Metro called the Good Deed Feed. It makes me smile on my journey to work. Imagine how you would feel if someone write something about how kind you had been! Mrs Heggie, school governor.

    1. pmarks Post author

      This is a brilliant idea Mrs Heggie! I will ask the school council to tell us about any comments in the “kind box” and we could share them on the School Council Blog!

  2. pmarks Post author

    Jack, I agree, it is a good idea to share your worries with someone. I hope that all children feel they can use it or talk to any member of staff. Mrs Marks

  3. Mojoyin Ojo

    My class do have a worry box but we are still working on getting a kind box but it is a really good idea. The Good Deed Feed also sounds interesting, i hope to find out about it.

    1. pmarks Post author

      It would be lovely to find out who has been kind in your class, so please ask your class teacher to set up the kind box. Maybe you could be extra helpful and make one for the class!

  4. Aine

    We have a worry box in our class which alows us to tell Mr Reed about our problems. It would be a brilliant idea to have a kind box aswell.


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